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"With poetic justice, poetic justice, if I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?."
Kendrick Lamar
  • New Music – To Kill A King – Oh My Love

    New Music - To Kill A King - Oh My Love

    Yes, mate. To Kill A King have returned with some brand smashing new music. 'Oh My Love' sounds like a sequel to 'Howling' (in our opinion one of TKAK's 'classics' ): love-weary lyricism/imagery, except now it's bigger, produced with an sharp eye for a mainstream market, and lets not forget ...

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  • Poetry – Shane Koyczan – Troll

    Poetry - Shane Koyczan - Troll

    Shane Koyczan follows his viral hit To This Day with a brand new animation on social media/the internet's favourite invention, The Troll.  If you haven't heard of him before... who are you and can we see the world through your eyes, please? Shane is at the top of his game here: ...

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  • New Music – This Week in New Music – Sep 15th

    New Music - This Week in New Music - Sep 15th

    Josiah Wise Is The Serpent With Feet - BLACKMAGICKMONDAY NO. 5 "CURIOSITY OF OTHER MEN" We're a bit late on this one but better late than never: if this isn't the sound of the future it really needs to be. Performance artist and musician Josiah Wise is incorporating everything in his artistic ...

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  • Poetry – Chimene Suleyman – Outside Looking On

    Poetry - Chimene Suleyman - Outside Looking On

    Full Disclosure: Chimene Suleyman writes for Poejazzi, is a close friend and is a superb poet/writer. We had the pleasure of attending her book launch last week and we can say this much:  remember how much fun you had in a Chimene article? Now imagine it as poems, in a ...

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  • Poejazzi: Two More Gigs Before The End.

    Poejazzi: Two More Gigs Before The End.

    Yes, you read it right. Poejazzi is cashing out. After 8 years of promoting and showcasing some of the best spoken word  and music out there, us crying happy tears into our sofas, watching the glorious successes of Jamie Woon, Ed Sheeran, Shabaka Hutchings, Kate Tempest, Scroobius Pip, Musa Okwonga ...

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  • Beyonce Confuses My Idea Of Feminism

    Beyonce Confuses My Idea Of Feminism

    Corrina Antrobus’ regular round up of  the best things to happen to women in film and TV (because sometimes in a world with a problematic relationship with gender we all need a little reminding, right?) Why Beyoncé Confuses My Idea Of Feminism Every time I think I get feminism, Beyoncé comes along ...

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  • Review – Bonafide Rojas – Renovatio

    Review - Bonafide Rojas - Renovatio

    I know “there are many things people from / this city will disagree on:” but Bonafide Rojas will be your new favourite poet. Compassionate, carnal, wise and wistful, the real tragedy of this collection is that Rojas isn’t actually my best friend. But like the greatest companion, I can heed ...

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  • New Music – Lauryn Hill – Black Rage

    New Music - Lauryn Hill - Black Rage

    If you listen to any one new thing today let it be this: Lauryn Hill cleverly uses the addictive, ruminative nature of that classic ode to wonderful things that can make us feel better: My Favourite Things and transforms it into a list of reasons for "black rage".  Lauryn has ...

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