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Serena Williams and How Apparently We’re So Lucky

serena-2 Just so we all know, the 16-year-old girl who was raped by school peers in Steubenville, August 2012 – she’s lucky. When she was undressed as she lay unconscious and carried in this state across town, it was a pretty fortunate time for her. As she was repeatedly sexually assaulted throughout the night, by more ...

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The Turkish government do not wish to demolish a park, but rather a democracy

The Turkish government do not want to demolish a park, but rather democracy Protesting against the redevelopment of a park to build yet another shopping centre is pretty noble. But the issue with reporting this – and largely only this – as the cause for what now has the potential to become Turkey’s own Arab Spring, is a decade of high-handed and harmful politics are being overlooked. Turkey ...

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