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Tommy Robinson’s Diary: ‘Are TVs muslimists now?’

Dear Diary 19 December 2012 Went to the local shopping centre to buy the kids Christmas presents. “I’m amazed we’re even allowed to celebrate Christmas anymore!” my friend, Michael said. “Everything has to be about Islam these days!” There was a large gentleman, imposing, with the typical Imam beard that they all have, preaching to the children, ...

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Channel 4′s Ramadan Season has highlighted a very real bigotry against Islam

Ramadan “Dear Diary,” writes Tommy Robinson, “my television is broadcasting Azaan. In the morning I came down and it had covered itself with a tea towel. Only one-fifth of the screen was left open. By dinnertime it was making pipe-bombs in the garden and re-tweeting Ahmadinejad. It won’t even let me watch Songs of Praise.” Tommy ...

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