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The language we want our children to speak, is one that does not speak for them

Slang-wordle2-300x186 When Harris Academy in West Norwood banned the use of slang it was more than words being restricted but, rather, singularity. Many praised the action, hoping their schools would do the same. Would schools in the North, I wondered, ban their local colloquialisms? Would Cornwall, Scotland or Kent? Words ingrained in culture specific to their ...

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“I’m crazy,” I joke. Because you’ll say it, if I don’t

depression1 I collect dates. I remember them, as if a scrapbook in my head. I can tell you the exact day I moved house, or went for dinner somewhere unexceptional on a whim. I can recite the date on which I met colleagues for the first time. I can tell you on which date my friends ...

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