Monthly Archives: June 2014

‘To nail Pig on a cross’ a review of Kim Hyesoon’s Pig Poetry

Kim Hyesoon A review by Aleja Taddesse I keep thinking that what we need is a new language. A language of the heart… some kind of language between people that is a new kind of poetry…And I think that in order to create that language, you’re going to have to learn how you can go through a ...

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New Music – Poejazzi Live Sessions – Gambles – Animal

Screen_Shot_2014-06-04_at_17.38.28 Poejazzi Live Sessions - Gambles performs Animals...

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Voyeurism: The Art of the Peeping Tom

eye-through-keyhole-1024x576 The traditional art of the Peeping Tomhas often been regarded as a risqué act potentially plunging the offending individual into a rather deep reservoir of hot water.  In Ovid’s great myth, it was a cool and clean pool that Diana had been bathing in when Actaeon stumbled upon her and her nymphs in the forest, ...

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