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Bridget Minamore is a 21 year-old writer from London. She has written with the National Theatre’s New Writers Programme and has performed at 10 Downing Street, The Roundhouse, the first London Festival of Education and King’s College (Cambridge University) Women’s Dinner. She is also a member of Rubix and Point Blank poetry collectives. She likes lists, ice-cream and things that are purple. She blogs about everything you might notice if you’re a politically-minded poet, student, runner, feminist, lover of London and hater of inequality like she is. Carpe Diem.

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The ‘Fierce Black Woman’ Inside You Doesn’t Exist

ezgif-save “Inside every gay man is a fierce black woman!” tweeted celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, as a way of plugging the comedy show of a (black, female) friend of his. Going to his twitter feed, I scrolled down and saw his constant, condescending replies to the many black women who took offense at what he said. ...

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What To Do When You Rap Something Stupid

I Hit It First Are you an American male rapper who is coming to terms with a massive media backlash over the past few days? Have you found yourself defending accusations of racism and/or misogyny from not only your enemies, but also your peers? Are you confused about what to do next? Do not worry, friend, help is at ...

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The ‘B’ Word

Beyonce Hey, Poejazzi readers. Guess what? Well… wait for it… Beyoncé has released a new song. It’s called Bow Down. Did you hear me? Beyoncé has released a New Song. BEYONCÉ HAS RELEASED A NEW SONG! …firstly let me be honest, I’ve never been the biggest Beyoncé fan. I’m not jealous, nor a ‘hater’ (because, contrary ...

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Seven Stages of Poetry Grief – What To Do When Poetry Dies

dawson-crying Seven Stages of Poetry Grief aka What To Do When Poetry Dies      “Poetry is dying. Actually, it’s pretty dead already for all intents and purposes” says Nathan Thompson. Erm. SHOCK What the hell? Poetry is dead? No! Poetry, you can’t go. How is it even possible that you’ve left us forever? You’re found ...

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On Writing About London

main-600x400_25617 The concept of home is a strange one, especially when home is a city like London. In relation to writers and writing however, I think it becomes even stranger. How do we write about it, particularly if so many others have written about your home already? I’m not usually so broad and philosophical, but this ...

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