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Chimene Suleyman is a writer from London. She has worked with the Royal Opera House to create and curate her own text installation, has represented the UK at the International Biennale in Rome, and is a member of Point Blank Poetry collective. Chimene runs poetry and creative writing workshops for both adults and children, as well as spoken-word night Kid, I Wrote Back. Loves all things Fleetwood Mac. Collects photos of Canary Wharf. As well as poetry news and info on Kid, I Wrote Back, Chimene will be posting an exciting project that will manage to convince poets to express themselves with illustrations rather than words to show all of you lovely people how accessible multiple forms of creativity are if you're willing to give it a go.

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It is neither about a political success or fail for UKIP, racism has been endorsed regardless of seats.

UKIP Between the collective shouting and saliva sodden flyers returning to UKIP’s freepost, the principal point is swallowed. Racism has been legitimised, and has done so irrespective of election outcomes and motivation behind why we do, or do not, vote. The responsibility does not lie alone with the political far right. There is fault in every ...

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Noah and his White(wash) Saviour Complex

noahs-ark-4271 Braveheart has had a remake on a cruise ship. Robin Hood (since murdering Kevin Costner) asked Hermione for a spell for the animals, before docking in Turkey for the final 18-30 Club Med party tour. My version of Noah is, of course, functioning with about as much relevance and loyalty to the fable’s roots as ...

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Cultural appropriation: the fashionable face of racism

Cultural appropriation: the fashionable face of racism Photo by Sanaa Hamid There is a painting in my parent’s house that my mother made. It is a self portrait; green eyes looking back between the black cloth of the headscarf painted around her face. It is a beautiful painting, carnal even. The assigned image on my phone for my father is a photograph ...

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Your resolutions are not only boring, they’re unhealthy for us all

Your resolutions are not only boring, they're unhealthy for us all We get it. Your self control is wonderful. Whilst the rest of us drag our turkey legs (these are our actual legs now) across kitchen floor, pine needles piercing cornea as we reach for the 3 for 1 bottles of wine, the rest of you have achieved triathlons in your lunch break simultaneously catching up ...

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Fighting against the fetishisation of women, doesn’t work if you fetishise women

Fighting agains the fetishisation of women, does not happen by fetishising them “Whilst I don’t want to offend anyone,” Lily Allen writes in response to the backlash against her video for ‘Hard Out Here’, “I do strive to provoke thought and conversation. The video is meant to be a lighthearted satirical video that deals with objectification of women with modern pop culture. It has nothing to do ...

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