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Professional writer, part-time poet and weekend athlete, Kevin swears by green tea and is occasionally powered by fry-ups. A former full-time tech-journalist with a degree in English and Writing, he holds a commendation from the Royal Literary Fund and divides much of his time between bashing keys, correcting copy and frequent flights of fancy. He enjoys dissecting others' works, and is more than partial to a slick rhyming couplet.

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HMV’s Loss Isn’t Mine

HMV I’ve channeled my inner Walt Whitman, and got my feathers a little bit ruffled. Mainly because people are saddened over the closing of HMV Oxford Street. Defiant declarations against its proposed replacement – a(nother) Sports Direct – are loud enough, and people pour forth #HMVmemories while fearing the loss of a flagship. How weird though, ...

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A Poet’s Guide To Self Publishing: Part 5 – Done Gone And Published!

Published This is the fifth and final part in this series.  The first, second, third and fourth parts are here, here, here and here respectively.  – Hi again. I suspect you may have thought this series had sunken into anonymity. I suspected that for a bit too, but I couldn’t let it be. Work kicked off big time, and I ...

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A Poet’s Guide To Self Publishing: Part 4 – Get It Done

Three Sheets This is the fourth part in this series: The first, second and third parts are here, here, and here respectively. – It was inevitable, I suppose. A book I’m currently reading is called The War of Art. It’s by a guy called Steven Pressfield, and the theme of the book is beating resistance. Otherwise thought of ...

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A Poet’s Guide To Self Publishing: Part 3 – Fix Up

Folder This is the third part in this series. To read the first, click here. The second part is here — What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a deadline representing the smashing of my fear, and the dismantling of paranoia about being good enough to be published (without ever giving this a stab)? Do ...

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A Poet’s Guide To Self-Publishing: Part 2 – Collecting Content

aberystwyth06 This is the second part in a series with the aim to self-publish a poetry e-book within a month. To read how the idea (and the time-frame) came about, check out the first part in the series, here. – Just over a week into the realisation that I’ll soon have a collection I can call ...

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