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Not So Popular are a collaborative group of young artists and writers. We were all a bit tired of doing lots of work that was never seen by anyone else except our nans, so we joined together to make a mark. We are put on art exhibitions, poetry nights and club events. We produce 'zines and prints. We do this because we want to showcase the work of young artists/writers who want to get their work out there. Not So Popular take their inspiration from the depths of cultural talent because everything from Van Gogh's ear to Brian Harvey's baked potato were once not so popular.

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The Princess Monster Trucks of Poetry?

shatoetry1 Could these websites be the equivalent of Princess Monstertruck in poetry terms? Let’s go viral… Buffy the Vampire Slayer limericks Buffy was kick-ass and I’m sure there are times when in the dead of night you shoot up in bed, wildly thinking in panic ‘I can’t remember in which episode the Angel/Spike/Buffy triangle began’. Because ...

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Poetry Politic: The Power of You, Squared

art party   Not So Popular are starting a response to the arts cuts: This Is What Happens When You Cut the Arts. We want to know if this matters to you. This is why it matters to us: You’re standing in the middle of a city centre and a newspaper catches your eye. It’s got another ...

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