Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Poejazzi.com

October 22nd, 2014 by

We have achieved quite a bit in two years of running poejazzi.com, gaining countless contributions from guest bloggers such as emerging star Eliza Shadad, Ninja Tunes signee and the nations’ best kept secret Jono McCleery and poetry legend Mista Gee. We have gifted you interviews with innovators like poet/visual artist Kojey Radical, In The Woods programmer and superior multi-tasker Hinako Omari, alt lit favourite Mira Gonzalez, the female founded production team Fuel Theatre and composer/educator Arun Ghosh.

We have published live sessions with artists we loved and believed in, like NX Records (Accidental Records in collaboration with Goldsmiths College) signing Holy Milk, future chart frequenter Shakka, the inimitable Bagel Project, and Beyonce collaborator Gambles. We harassed up and coming artists like Ang Low as well as music industry heroes such as Royce Wood Jr for playlists so we could give you a little insight into the diverse influences that gets these complex artists with pop potential going musically. We have introduced you to names who are en route to becoming stratospheric like Bipolar Sunshine, Nick Mulvey, Sivu, George the Poet and many, many more and got you familiar with important writers/poets such as the erudite powerhouse that is Chimene Suleyman; who is now a freelance journalist being published by fancy outlets like The Independent and The Telegraph (oh and she just released her debut poetry collection. Writers like Chimene Suleyman and Young Poet Laureate of London shortlisted poet/one of our favourite people Bridget Minamore gave us their inherently intersectional, feminist, and generally badass view on everything from Serena Williams’ controversial comment on the Steubenville rape case of a 16 year old girl to Perez Hilton’s perpetuating the “fierce” black woman stereotype in The Fierce Black Woman Inside You Doesn’t Exist (Bridget and Mr Hilton even had a lil’ Twitter duel over it, nobody died, someone got slayed, you can guess who…they roll on our team obviously…)


We have celebrated poetry’s best, with reviews of great collections like Sally Jenkinson’s Sweet-borne Secrets, Raymond Antrobus’ Looking For Things That Look Like Love and Bang Said The Gun’s anthology It was also great duking it out over poetry’s most scandalous moments (yes poetry and scandal can happen yo) Remember our open letter to Nathan A Thompson and our subsequent interview with him to get his side of the story? I.e: Nathan-gate. We’ve delivered you some of poetry and music’s most beautiful moments like Shane Koyczan’s poem about bullying To This Day and our beloved series of interviews with The Striver’s Row: i.e.: the poetry collective that has Beatles level mania following them in every city they appear in. They talked about their influences, the future of poetry and the responsibility they feel they have as poets in the wider world: the interviews, in our eyes, represent a lovely, hopeful moment in poetry that needed to be recorded for posterity: filming the phenomenon of a popular poetry group, wields well for the future of a form of expression we have invested a lot of love and time into. Finally, we have amassed just over half a million hits in the process of all this loving and time giving and it has been a privilege to write about so many talented, driven, and unique individuals. Sharing our taste with you discerning, cultured, keep it all the way real readers you has been fun : we hope poejazzi.com has brought a lil’ arts loving goodness into your day, we may be going dark for a long while but “we’ll always have Paris”. (That’s a wrote from Casablanca yeah? If you don’t know that well you sure do now)

Help us celebrate all the good times/drama/poeticism of Poejazzi at our last two gigs at The Royal Albert Hall and a special version of our re-imagining of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl: Howl 2.0 at Rich Mix as part of The London Jazz Festival complete with a live jazz quartet performing an original composition by Benin City‘s Tom Leaper.