Music – Brainchild Festival Playlist

June 20th, 2013 by

Poejazzi is starting the festival season at the too-awesome-for-its-skinny-young-boots festival Brainchild (our experimental new show Howl 2.0, which you can read about here). You really do need to come to this; imagine if someone took all those unknown, underground moments of brilliance you occasionally stumble across like once in a very blue and we mean deep navy blue moon and filled three days worth with them. For £58 only. Yes, you don’t need to be milk left out in the sun to be be spoilt rotten.

Brainchild, being young and brave, has put its money where its mouth is and compiled a playlist of most of its festival features, including King Krule, My Panda Shall Fly (left) and James Isaac. Clickety click here to have a listen, and may the super wave of awesome sounds compel your financial finger to click here to buy tickets.